Just a few pictures of my Levi from Ohayocon. I’m not completely satisfied with how this turned out, but Ohayo was a test run, so I’ll get to fix it in the future. In the mean time, I hope you like these! Levi is so much fun to be!

Levi | Photographer

Jesusyour eyes still give me goosebumps in this costume hnnn

Hello, followers! After a lot of changes, What Cosplay has begun to move in different directions. If you’re still interested in getting cosplay updates from us, check out The Bet is Off, our new cosplay home! Thank you so much!

Saiyuki: Cho Hakkai

Alaina has recently finished cosplaying three versions of Cho Hakkai, so we figured it was time for a compilation post of all of them! These are three of my (Megan’s) favorite pictures of the different costumes. It was hard to pick, though, because Hakkai looks good no matter what!

Cho Hakkai | Photographer


A few more pictures of my Gojyo from Jafax! It was so much fun to run around in this costume along with my awesome roommate, who was cosplaying Hakkai. Even wearing leather during that heat didn’t take away from the fun. I can’t wait to wear Gojyo again! 

Here are a few pictures of Megan in her Gojyo cosplay! Looks like it must have been hot to wear!


Inkypop and I are finally getting around to sorting through Jafax photos! Here are a few of my Reload outfit, which I’m pretty proud of! It was a ton of fun to roll around in Saiyuki all weekend (even though it wasn’t necessarily the best outfit choice for an 80 degree convention), but it was still just a ton of fun to meet people!

Thank you to Inkypop for taking some awesome pictures ;u; <3

Here are some pictures of Alaina from Jafax! Doesn’t she look awesome?

Hey guys! We hope every one of our followers is doing magnificently ;u; We just wanted to update everyone on our future plans, and what we hope to accomplish in the coming months!

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Saiyuki Reload: Jafax 2013

We decided to do some Reload for Saturday of Jafax! Here’s two shots of Alaina and Megan from con! We’ll post more later!

Hakkai | Gojyo

Saiyuki: Acen 2013

"If this place had been deeper than the earth, I would not yearn for a sun I never knew."

Part one of a series of individual shots! We figured we’d start with the arguably-main character, Goku! Jazz was so adorable as him, and every time she called for food, that was just her being herself. :) Unfortunately, we only have a few pictures of her, since she was running around the whole time. But she had fun, and that’s what matters!

Goku - Jazz


Saiyuki: ACen 2013
We were having such a serious photoshoot&#8230;
&#8230;And then we saw the anime.

Sanzo  |  Photographer

Saiyuki: ACen 2013

We were having such a serious photoshoot…

…And then we saw the anime.

Sanzo  |  Photographer

Alright, so at Acen this year, we were fortunate enough to run into enough people cosplaying Saiyuki to throw together a makeshift photoshoot! It was a TON of fun, and so amazing to see such a big turnout for a relatively small/old/silly series.

It was great to meet everyone, too! Seriously, the entire group (both instances, since we had some flow in and out of the shoot!) was just one huge loving family. It was absolutely perfect ;u;

Thank you all so much for your company! It was great meeting you all! <3

(Our group was the full Gensomaden group there ;u; <3)

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